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carefully curated collection

Restoration Imports has a 10,000 sq. ft. Design Showroom located on St. Simons Island. The showroom is truly unique; an assimilation of French classics and transitional styles. Mixing finishes, exquisite details and clean lines make our pieces versatile enough for any home. Mary has put her touch of customization on the lighting, furniture, outdoor furniture, rugs, bedding, etc. The style reflects Mary’s distinct aesthetic that we all love.

RI_08_03-5 (1).jpeg

Good design is achieved by blending form and function into every space.  Great design is achieved by adding and layering carefully chosen, interesting elements that together create a personal style.  Seeking the unique takes a space from interesting to thoughtfully designed while conveying the feeling of having been collected through a lifetime of experiences.  A space that reflects personality tells a story.


We have taken Carte Blanche to travel the world to curate a collection of furnishings, accents, art and lighting that spans continents and cultures and incorporates the extraordinary.  


Blend casual elegance with modern accents and traditional lines,  add organic elements to bring the in outdoors and you will have created an individually stylized and Carefully Curated Collection

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